Thursday, January 7, 2010

Phalaenopsis Schilleriana

Tonight I'm posting a picture of what I hope is the first spike (flowering stalk) of my phalaenopsis schilleriana. Phal. schill. is a species orchid that is unique in two ways. First, it has what is known as mottled foliage-- the striping of various colors of green and grey on the upper side of the leaves and underneath the leaves is a deep red/burgundy color. Second, it is also one of the few phals that bears a scent that I'm told is reminiscent of rose's scent. Other things that set it apart from the hybrid orchids is that is flowers are not quite as elegant or rounded as the ones you might find in a florist's shop or in your local grocery store. Also, it tends to have flattened, thin and rambling roots, which mine definitely has!

So the photo below is showing the base of the plant and near the center but offset to the left is a growth that developed about 4 days ago. It is still too early to be 100% sure, but this is likely this plants very first spike. I'm especially proud of this plant as it is not only a species phal in its first bloom but my first phal ever.

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