Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Cataloging of My Plants, Hippeastrums

The following is a simple catalog of my plants
Hippeastrum 'Elvas'
I love the color variation and the slight picoteed edging of this bloom.

H. 'Red Nymph'

H. 'Harlequin'

H. 'Dancing Queen' is easily one of my favorites. The blooms remind me of a fireworks exploding.

H. 'Russian Halo' I love the shape of this flower and that, to me, it looks to be a true red. Often with hippeastrums you can get very red-like colors but there almost always seems to be some orange tinge to many. This particular hybrid comes from Australia. Here are more shots of 'Russian Halo'

In this closer shot you can see the delicate white edging, which makes this, basically, the opposite of another one of my favorites, H. 'Picotee,' seen below.

H. 'Picotee' pictured with H. 'Blossom Peacock,' one of the few hippeastrums I know of that has a scent.

H. 'Blossom Peacock' is an interesting bulb and not just for its scented bloom. This particular bulb has a robust growing habit. In circumstances where another hippeastrum might suffer, this bulb will thrive. I figure it must have some weed genes in its heritage.

H. 'Party Pooper' has one of the better names in the hippeastrum world, but its effect is nothing to laugh at. It gets some of its looks and heritage from a species of hippeastrum called H. 'Papilio,' or the "Butterfly" hippeastrum. H. 'Papilio,' in this case, gave the petal shape and the unique striping in the flower. I imagine some of the cream color could be influenced by 'Papilio' as well, however, it seems most of the coloring came from the other parent that made up this wonderful hybrid. 'Party Pooper,' like 'Russian Halo,' comes from Australia.

Another Australian hybrid, H. 'Boysenberry Swirl' lives true to its name in this double bloom, with its raspberry-colored markings and picoteed edging. This bulb was what convinced me to buy several from an Australian farm and, with the help of a friend, import them into the USA.

Yet another Australian hybrid, H. 'Brendan's Flower,' is easily one of the most interesting blooms I have ever seen. The gentle pink hues laid over the light green background makes for a dramatic effect. The blooms are slightly smaller than those of the average hippeastrum, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in display.

H. 'Stanwick' is an Australian hybrid and is pictured here with the deep red of H. 'Royal Velvet.' I'm not usually into the crazy pink blooms but I have to admit, this one had a color about it that I found quite pleasing.

H. 'Royal Velvet' is another one of those bulbs that I believe has weed genes. When most bulbs will shrink a bit during blooming, this bulb grows. Where most bulbs would suffer from lack of light or too cold temps, this bulb grows even more. It repeatedly blooms through the year for me, roughly every 1.5 months. The flowers are enormous and it is one of the darkest reds I have ever seen in hippeastrums. For this, it is one of my favorites as when seen with its huge red blooms, it broad leaves and the enormous bulb sitting in the pot, it makes quite the scene.

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