Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Phalaenopsis Schilleriana Continued

It has been several days now since my phal Schill developed what I believed to be a spike formation. I've taken another photo and I'm very pleased that it does in fact look and act like a spike. The spike itself is still under an inch it length but its clearly growing upward and shows the tell tale signs. Also, another phal of mine surprised me with what I believe is the formation of a new spike as well. It looks to be about a week behind the phal schill as its about half the length. I cannot remember its name or lineage right now but it is a heavily, fine-spotted phal with dark pink to lavender spots. At this rate of growth, I could probably see blooms in March for both plants, though if I read correctly, it may be quite a long time before the species phal blooms.

Phal Schilleriana with spike

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