Saturday, April 24, 2010

Phal Rousserole x (Carmerla's Wild Thing X Adelaides Delight)

Phal Rousserole x (Carmerla's Wild Thing X Adelaides Delight)

I bought this Phal off of Ebay from a seller, Mijo. He sells many phals throughout the year and they're always these strange crosses. Well I fell in love with this one and had to have it. I love the dots! When I first got the plant, it was about to bloom and over the month, three buds opened and that was the extent of the show. However, the plant did very well in hydroton and grew substantially over the next year and the photo below is of this season's blooms. Funny thing, though, is that instead of a lot more blooms, I only got one more for a total of four. I'm not complaining because I love this plant, but the plant is very healthy and large now and sent up a long graceful spike only for four blooms.

Another thing I like about this plant are the unbloomed buds. Most phals have pretty boring looking buds but this one has this amazing blend of lavender, green, purples all mixed together to make even the unbloomed flower a work of art.

This variety is a long-lasting bloom.

Haworthia Cymbiformis var translucens

Haworthia Cymbiformis var translucens, Eastern Cape of South Africa

This plant was a gift from a friend of mine from a few of the garden forums I frequent on the Internet. It is a stunning succulent that I have never seen before but am captivated by its look and form. Many succulents that bear some sort of translucency usually only have a small 'window' of translucent flesh but is protected otherwise by a more solid green flesh that blocks the intense sun from burning the plant. However, this plant seems to be most translucent and in so far as I can see, only the veins are solid green. It has only recently been acquired and it did not get potted as quickly as I would have normally done as I was moving to a new home-- so hopefully it'll show signs of being happy soon!