Saturday, November 26, 2011

Phal. Tying Shin Cupid 'Montclair' (Sogo Lawrence x Kuntrarti Rarashati)

Tying Shin Cupid 'Montclair' is a fantastic addition to my collection.  With a light scent made apparent during the warming-hours of the day, this phal boasts some of the most intense coloration I've seen on a phal bloom.  It is also of heavy, almost waxy substance, which means it likely has blooms that will last for a long time.  Its pod parent, Sogo Lawrence, has been used extensively by the Tying Shin nursery.  I have my own Sogo Lawrence as seen below.

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Phal Kuntrarti Rarashati
If you combine the two with some careful consideration, it gives you Tying Shin Cupid 'Montclair'.

P. Tying Shin Cupid 'Montclair'
From description from their website:
Another exceptional clone of this incredible FRAGRANT hybrid from the famous Tying Shin Nursery in Taiwan ! Phal. Tying Shin Cupid is being used extensively in their breeding program, lending its smaller size, floriferousness, waxy substance, fragrance and brilliant sunset tones to all its progeny. First bloom seedlings often produce more than one spike and when fully mature, are capable of producing multitudes of branching sprays. A must for multi-floral miniature collectors and essential for any breeding program

Phal. tetraspis (tetraspis ' Jumbo' x tetraspis ' C #1 ')

One of my latest additions to my collection is this species, Tetraspis.  It is actually the progeny of a mated pair of the same species, but one that is pure white and one that has the classic light barring.  The pure white version brings to the plant a strong vanilla scent and a larger bloom and the classic species brings the barring.  When I bought this plant from the made it very clear that you would have no idea really what you'd get.  The basics of genetics dictate that you'd get roughly 1/3 white, 1/3 barred and 1/3 of something in between.  Of course genetics is more complicated than that but for my purposes, it'll suffice.

The photo from website (not my photo!)
I have to admit I have I wanted one with barring but the allure of having a fragrant phal was too much for me to resist so I bought one.  When I received the plant, it had already grown several spikes that had clearly bloomed.  Fortunately for me, a change in conditions for most phals will send the plant into another round of blooming-- and this one did not disappoint.

And here is the latest on my own:
On one spike you can find what looks like a completely white bloom. :o(
But on this spike you can see a bar has clearly begun to develop.
Species are known to take their time in blooming so hopefully I won't have to wait long to see what this plant has to offer.