Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Busy busy...

Things have been crazy busy lately but I figured that while I have a moment of quite here late at night, I might as well take a chance to chronicle the goings on here.

The orchids are in full bloom and really putting on quite the display. Here is the first in the line-up-- Sogo Vivien x Dtps Taisuco Jewel, which has been really impressive this year. I'm looking forward watching this one get older-- some day it'll be an amazing display.

The next one is my Monster phal...or as I now have it labeled Phal 'Monster'-- because this thing grows like a weed and now has a spike that is only two inches shy of 3 feet. It's gatta have weed genes!

And the last of the orchid updates is my Kaleidescope. This is the first time this phal is blooming and has not disappointed at all.

The next photo is of a new plant to the collection-- Sedum 'Burrito'-- which I scored at my local garden center at a serious awesome price. I plan on growing it in a hanging pot so the 'burritos' can hang down. I think I found a new plant to collect-- sedums rock.

I also have one more addition to add and that is my hoya-- a hindu rope. Its pretty awesome but is planted in a soil I do not think is very good at all, though I hesitate to move it until I see some new growth suggesting the roots may be active, which will make the transition to hydroton much easier on the plant.

In preparation of moving my hindu rope to hydroton I decided to test the move on another hoya that is actively growing. I put it in a water catcher/pot slip because it gives a nice openness to the pot and I think will balance out the water vs air ration well for this hoya. The trick is to keep the soil roots happy long enough and until it gets water roots.

Well thats it for now... its bed time for this peep!

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