Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An Update: 'Pauline', A NOID, Schilleriana, Another I can't remember, & 'Vivien'

Its been several weeks since I first spotted spikes on both my species, 'Schilleriana', and Balden's 'Kaleidescope' and both spikes are roughly 6-8 inches tall now. As seen here:

This is a terrible pic of this next one--

And my Schill continually amazes me because even while sporting new roots and a flower spike, I still get a new leaf coming in.

Next I have a 'Vivien' cross just now opening. This one sports stripes on everything-- petals, lips, you name it. If its a part of the flower, it has a stripe!

Next is a grocery store save-- a NOID-- but what I might call a standard white. It has yellow-green hues near the spotted center and really has a classic "moth orchid" look and feel to it.

It has loads of buds-in-waiting and it'll be fun to see it full of blooms within the next few weeks. This particular plant does a lot of branching, too. Where with some phals you get one long and arching inflorescence, this one may have only one spike, but many branches. It gives it a really nice effect.

'Pauline' and the NOID together, as seen below. 'Pauline' has several flowers open now and they look very good and healthy. She continues to grow her established buds, but for now, it looks like the spike has finished growing. That is how I bought her, too. A shorter spike but large and long-lasting blooms. I wonder if this is as big of a spike as she'll get. Either way, it looks great.

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